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Everyone agrees that certified organic produce tastes better than its commercially grown counterpart. Case in point, my neighbors gave me their home grown tomatoes this past summer and they were simply to die for: one after the other, I just could not stop eating them. They felt alive, juicy — like the most scrumptious of desserts, irresistible.

Well then, what about wines made with organic grapes? Grapes are a fruit and wine is the result of this fruit fermenting — so would not you expect a similarly uplifting experience?

Yes! That is exactly what our customers call to say. They have been eating organic food for years and recently came to the conclusion that they want to drink organic as well. They love wine, they support all things organic… with that worldview, why didn’t they think about it earlier, they ask me.

Well, we have been thinking about this – and acting on our beliefs — for a very long time.  We offer a whole range of wines for you to choose from. Click on ‘ store ‘ and explore — or, pick up the phone and you are likely to find me, a real person on the other end of the line.  I would love to help you find just the right wine — the wine that will fit your food preferences and your life style.

Founder of The Organic Wine CompanyWe started our company in 1980, before “organically grown” meant much at all in any market, and when it meant nothing at all in the wine market industry.  We were first to proudly state on our back labels, “made with certified organic grapes”.

This adventure was the result of a love affair between me and the land of my ancestors in the south of France since the French revolution in 1789, the Domaine de la Bousquette. We first imported la Bousquette line, our grandfather’s creation, and then expanded our portfolio slowly and carefully.

Now, we offer the best organic wines that we can find: vegan, no-sulfite added (nsa), biodynamic wines — domestic and imported.  They are  made with certified organically-grown grapes that are both “fair trade” and non-GMO.

All of our suppliers are small family–owned vineyards with whom we have had a personal relationship for decades. And so will you. Connect with their spirit through their creation, the fruit of their labor, their wines — and contribute to a movement of profound significance for our world.

Order from us with complete confidence, as we back all our wines with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Explore, enjoy these wines at your own pace with your family and friends. Then, you might decide to join one of our “organic wine clubs”. We have six formulas in all: they make great birthday gifts — and corporate gifts for the Holidays.

We thank you for choosing us. Please check out the store and, if you wish, give us a call.  We look forward to speaking with you personally.


Veronique Raskin
Founder and CEO


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