Championing the importance of organic viticulture for 35 years.

As pioneers in the organic wine industry, we are proud to offer the largest selection of wines from the world’s premier wine growing regions


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Everyone agrees that certified organic wines are of high quality. It’s like having neighbors that grow zucchini or tomatoes in their backyards and share their bounty with you.

Home-grown without any inputs…the tomatoes are to die for.  They’re juicy, flavorful and filled with goodness.  The same thin G applies to grapes grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals.  The world is just a large backyard and vineyard.

The result is always charming and captivating. But don’t take my word for it. Take the next step and explore our store, order a variety of red and white wines.

If you need suggestions or assistance, pick up the phone and talk to a real person, me!  I love to connect with customers and potential customers.  I really just want to help you find the kind of wine you’re looking for, the kind of organically-grown wine that will help enhance your meal and lifestyle.

We started our business in 1980, before organically-grown meant much in the wine market. Our family’s domaine de la bousquette in the languedoc supplied our first wines, and now our portfolio includes  the best vegan, no-sulfite added (nsa)  & biodynamic wines , domestic and imported  that we can find.  All of our suppliers are   small family – owned vineyards with whom we have a personal relationship.

Order from us with complete assurance  since we back all our wines with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Explore these wines at your own pace then get back to me with your thoughts. You might decide to opt for the convenience of joining one of our wine clubs.  Organic Wine Clubs We have a few variations from which you can choose.

But first things first:  enjoy your first selection of our wines with your family and friends, knowing that you have just chosen to have the best of all worlds- you are experiencing a personal pleasure while contributing to the well-being of our world

We thank you for choosing us,

Véronique Raskin
CEO and Founder
The Organic Wine Company





Enjoy a recent interview from Women’s Radio Network with Véronique, and learn more about her passion for the organic movement and how it connects to the overall health and well being of all.

The Organic Wine Company was founded by Véronique Raskin in 1980.  Véronique was born and raised in the South of France.  For many generations her ancestors owned land in the Languedoc region, close to the historic walled city of Carcassone.  She attended the University of Toulouse, and originally came to this country in 1973.  Meanwhile, back in  France, her 75 year-old grandfather, Pierre Fabre, a Professor of Medicine, was pioneering organic viticulture.  He decided to convert the family property, “La Bousquette,” to organic methods and to bottle its wine.  By 1980 he had accomplished these goals, and had transmitted the organic bug to Véronique.  She offered to import the La Bousquette wines into California, to maintain a connection with the family land, and to further her grandfather’s dream.  She remains passionate about the organic vision, and about selecting the finest organic wines to share with you. When you call, you will actually speak to Véronique and she truly enjoys connecting with you all and answering your questions directly. We invite you to try our selection of Certified Organic wines. We guarantee each and every one.



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