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Portrait of a role model : Andrew Weil

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In a world where so much of the time the prevailing view and behavior is ” if you cant put it in one tweet  then shut up ” and ” if I cant get something immediately out of you, then get out of my face I have no time or use for you ” , in contrast with that,  my experience dealing with the Weil tribe has been a breath of fresh air and renews my hope in human nature, my hope that one can actually pioneer and  do the right thing, follow one’s heart, be famous & successful (by worldly standards) AND remain kind and attentive to the less overtly successful or famous  ( again by worldly standard) such as moi.

Starting with Andrew, who once took the time to write  me a two line email to correct a  miscommunication which had saddened me. Nothing huge, but the man is busy and his thoughtfulness touched me.


By the way, where I come from that is how we define ” class ” . Internal elegance – la distinction –

Looks to me that  you are walking your talk- keep at it, that is what really count.

In the last 30 years, I have seen and heard  lots of talkers in the organic/ alternative/new age lifestyle-  not too many walkers-


Thanks for helping me do my own walking



  1. I’m a huge Dr. Weil fan. It was nice to hear that he is a considerate person. 😉

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