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Our Friends at Nabila’s Health Food – Hayes Valley (SF)

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Nabila is a small family-owned grocery store that carries many vegan staple, organic foods and natural snacks. A very cool little store in the middle of a one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco: Hayes Valley! You can find bulk lentils, miso powder, coconut water, frozen vegan entrees, frozen kefir, unsweetened organic soy milk and of course… My wines!

Our relationship  started  some 15 years ago plus, with Ramiz, the original founder & owner of Nabilal’s health food store, a delightful young man from Palestine. We hit it off right away, Ramiz loved our wines and we loved his family size business  and we have been working together ever since.


This is a store like in the good old days, just like I like them. After many years directly at the helm, Ramiz’s is now moved on to follow his passion namely music and has left  his brother Nidal is now operating the store-  These guys are family men, devoted to their elderly mother, part of an extended family which has created a  strong network of highly successful owners of many stores in the San Francisco area. They are the embodiment of success strategy, with great work ethics and loyalty. They live the team spirit all right and  it shows in the results.

When we go by to see him Nidal never fails to welcome us with a warmth and generosity well known in his culture: he offers us something from his shelf, a cookie, a coffee, something whatever it is, but we do not leave empty handed. That is un common and appreciated and a mark of his good manners, manners of a man of his cultural background.


We wish we had many more Nabila’s , they put a smile on our face, these guys.




Nabila’s Health Food
559 Hayes St
(between Octavia St & Laguna St)
San Francisco, CA 94102
Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
(415) 864-6514

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  1. Hi every one.i lik ur page.
    And wine to.

  2. Thanks Hussam! Come back whenever you want 🙂

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