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Real Food SF

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Real Foods was my very, very, very first Health Food store in SF. The wine department was held at the time by a delightful young man called Michael, who actually stayed there for some twenty years. These were definitely the good old days for me. Incidentally, the Real Food chain company in those days was one of the few health food stores who had a license to carry wines. They were really the pioneers in the Health Food business.I’ll always remember the first time I went in to present my Domaine de La Bousquette wine to Michael. “Get me more variety and I’ll put the on my shelf”.

This was the beginning of a very good relationship.

Chris has been the wine-buyer for easily a decade. Not only does he have a good palate, he’s also an artist! I found that having multiple passion-driven skills is not a rare thing for wine enthusiasts.


2140 Polk St

San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 673-7420


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