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We are in the business of caring

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This month we would like to confess something to you.

We are not in the wine business: we are in the business of caring.

We do more than just sell wine.

We have chosen organic wines to support the winemakers who go the extra mile to preserve the Earth. We care about where we all live and if this our only contribution to this world, so be it, we will have done our small part.

We have chosen organic wines because they are so much healthier for our own bodies and for the people with whom we want to share these wines. By choosing organic wines we show our families, our friends, our colleagues, our partners and our customers that we care about them, that we care about the health of each and everyone of them. We literally care about what they put in their bodies and what the consequences could be.

And Along with us, you add this priceless value when you choose organic wines; clearly you demonstrate that you want to contribute to and that you care about each and all of us.

A report by the Pesticide Action Network Europe group revealed a shocking fact. They examined 40 bottles of various wines from popular vineyards throughout Europe. Most bottles contained at least 4 different pesticide residues. Some wine bottles contained as many as 10 different pesticides. Of the 24 pesticides tested, 5 (including the notorious Atrazine) are known to contain carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting properties. This is just the tip of the iceberg. (source Chris Sovey :

Think about it next time you are handed a glass of wine and if it is not organic don’t assume uncle Johnny does not care about you, he probably does not know the facts, few do.
But now you know and you can explain this to him.

You are taking care of yourself, of everyone around you and of the Earth while having a good time, not too shabby.



  1. Commented by Vino Scout May 2, 2013

    Our goal is to help uncle Johny to know the facts… then we trust that uncle Johny will do the right choice

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