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Organic Wines a Sip in the Right Direction

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At The Organic Wine Company we believe that Organic growing is both the honorable past and the certain future of the wine industry.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the application of massive amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment  public health, and their own precious bodies. This holds true for agriculture in general and for viticulture specifically. Grapes are one of the crops that receive the highest amount of pesticides and wine grapes are sprayed even more than table grapes.

The cord blood of infants is now testing positive for pesticide residues. We foresee the day when women will rise up and say: Enough! No amount of short term economic benefit excuses the fact that my unborn child enters the world with a polluted blood stream and a compromised immune system. This is not the way forward for the human race.

Let us be clear: We are not asking anyone to become an environmental activist.

Rather, we are asking wine lovers to take a stand as responsible consumers by supporting a wine industry that does no harm to the Earth or the living species that inhabit it; and instead steers us toward a safer, saner path for all.

Organic wines currently enjoy a position in the marketplace where their price point is highly competitive with that of wines made with conventional grapes. That means that by simply switching your wine buying habits from from conventional wines to organic wines, you can make the world a little less toxic while enjoying high quality wines without spending any more than you do already. Talk about win/win!

By choosing to buy and drink organic wines you are:

• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

• Protecting the health of vineyard workers

• Lowering your risk of exposure to toxic pesticide residues

• Helping small vineyards to stay viable in a competitive marketplace

See our FAQ page for more information.

Drink Organic! It’s More Important than You Think!



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