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Crossing over by Kaitlyn Pintor

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Crossing Over
by Kaitlyn Pintor

Alright already. I admit it. I am slowly going organic. Yes, I said slowly, but the important word here is “GOING”.  Slowly, because I have decided to do it my way.  Going, because I’d like to think I am intelligent enough to understand the reality of what’s happening in the environment, and because my own health demands a change.

For those of you who have always been organic, you may not have noticed that you stand out.  In fact, you are quite frankly a little intimidating.  What held me back from choosing organic were all the rules I perceived. Like any movement, some people can be pretty fanatical and downright intimidating. I wasn’t sure if I would ever fit into your club.

Here’s what I THOUGHT you were saying:


1. You have to shop at Food for Millionaires for everything.  Unless you farm.
2. Once a week, spend all weekend on the town square holding signs that read something like:

3. If you buy vegetables, they must be locally grown. You should visit the farm.  And you will need to make a garden. With your neighbors. And scowl at the neighbors who won’t take turns weeding and steal the ripe tomatoes.

4. If you have a garden, you will have to take less showers to conserve water.

5. If you take less showers, you must wear loose natural clothing that is made somewhere in the Northwestern United States in a fair-trade environment. (Fair-trade means pre-worn by people over 5 feet tall)

6. You need to greet everyone you meet with a statement about your exercise routine, “I am so sore from running today…”  Not… “I tried yoga once” but “My guru was so impressed I stood on my head for two hours this morning”.

7. You must repost pictures on social media of dogs doing people things and cats doing dog things.

8. Two words: Bumper stickers.

9. Take the no-gluten challenge (meaning: spend two hours a day searching for gluten free recipes that you will never use but Pinterest)

10. Let your hair go gray. Completely.

11.  Everywhere you go ask “is this organic?” in a judgy tone.  Even BestBuy.

In all seriousness, eating organic has improved my health incredibly.  I am learning that having an imagination is the ticket to this kind of lifestyle change.  If I become curious about the land underneath my feet, if I enter into the uncomfortableness of a movement that is unfamiliar (and sometimes weird), I may just find that people aren’t so different from me after all.  Maybe My organic life can be personalized.  I know me best. So I will make one shift today. Not change everything overnight.  But, take one conscious step.

So… if you see a girl at the grocery store staring at the stickers on an apple with a confused look on her face, smile at her. Congratulate her on making the choice and maybe save your GMO knowledge for another time.  Invite her to dinner, and she might bring some organic wine for everyone to sample.  She might not tell you its organic until after you say you like it.  Because that would be pushy.  Being people-conscious is organic too.

To all of you, like me, who know deep inside you are ready to make the shift, remember you are not alone. Not all of us have bumper stickers.   Join us when you’re ready.

One concious step. One conscious sip.
(And let your hair down… in any color.)


  1. SO funny! And true. Sounds perfectly Sebastopol to me!!

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