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In Conversation with Pesticide Action Network

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Veronique Raskin is owner and founder of The Organic Wine Company in San Francisco. In February, Veronique sat down with PAN to tell us more about her passion for organics and organic wine.

Q: What led you to take an interest in organic wine?

To be blunt: my love for my family, my ancestor’s land, my passionate interest in health/wholeness and the fact that I discovered that my grandfather’s organic wines were the only wines that I could drink without feeling indescribably unwell, headachy, etc. So to backtrack, La Bousquette has been in my family since the French Revolution 1789.

After WWII, we began to use pesticides and fertilizers as did everyone else. However, in the 1970s, my grandfather, Pierre Fabre, professor of medicine a the University of Toulouse, noticed that our vines and soil were all dried up and in bad shape, compared to the vineyards of one of our cousin’s whose vineyards were simply thriving. He wondered…(click here to go to article)



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