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Why I Drink Organic Wine

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Why I drink Organic Wine
By Peter Rieks
Webmaster for the Organic Wine Company
I am not much of a wine drinker really. And, I have to say that I never go down the organic aisle in my supermarket as my perception is that organic wines always come at a premium. But then I started doing some work for Veronique on the OWC website and she would send me home with bottles of wine which my wife and I would drink. It was lovely wine and we enjoyed it. It wasn’t long before I started to develop a taste and an appreciation for good wine.
A few months ago my job required that I relocate from California to the UK. Suddenly, I did not have access to Veronique’s great wine so I began buying wine in the stores over here. As I said I don’t shop for organic foods in the store and the wine I bought was not organic, what difference was it going to make? Wine is wine right?
Well, it didn’t take long to discover that in fact not all wines are created equal – at least not for us! While the conventional wines I was bringing home from the store were tasty enough, they left us both feeling rather blah the next morning. Not hungover because we only drank a glass or two with dinner once or twice a week; but definitely not at the top of our game either. Try also pay with PayPal account. We never had that experience when we were drinking organic wine.
Neither my wife nor I are scientists or environmentalists, but our direct experience showed us that when it comes to conventional wine versus organic wine, our taste buds may not be able to tell the difference, but our bodies certainly could. I now make a point of buying organic wine whenever I can.
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  1. Commented by Norman March 30, 2015

    For me the main difference is how hot my ears seem to feel after a glass or two. Organic wines rarely cause this, and if so it is minimal.

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