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11th of November, remembrance day

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Dear friends:

There are many causes that I would passionately support if I had the resources of a Bill Gates- one of them is without a doubt our Veterans and their families .

I am awed by the spirit of Knighthhood , honored by all cultures from time immemorial. A nobleman ‘s mission was to protect the King, and one hopes the message that he embodied was a sacred Truth.

On November 11th, on both sides of the Atlantic we pause and salute the men and women who have the courage to stand and put their lives at risk in order to save ours.

They most certainly deserve a moment of deep heartfelt silence AND major respectful assistance when they return from their tour of duty. I , for one, cannot wait to increase my participation in that effort.

What reaches me profoundly is the often forgotten reality that for each soldier who fights and returns (or not) from the battlefield, there are at least six people, if not sixty whose life is affected by their choice : parents, siblings, spouse, in-laws, children, friends, etc… I dare not imagine the strength and faith that it must take to be on that journey.

So I salute you all, unknown to me as you may be .

As usual, should you have any questions, feel welcome to call me, I answer my phone.


Véronique & her staff



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