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What about Success for 2017 ?

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Dear Friends,

I am a very lucky woman. Here i am, minding my own business, calling the people who place orders to thank them and to make sure that what they ordered is what they really wanted for themselves or as importantly for their gifts. –

I get rewarded for my daily outreach in unexpected ways, I never know who I will find on the other end of the line, most often i get to meet incredibly interesting people with incredibly stories, careers, experiences and often enough they share those with me. – military people, housewives, nutritionist, personal trainers, chiropractors, attorneys, you name it, there is now a wave (not a day too soon) of interest in personal well-being, – in ‘ cleaning up one’s life, that now extends from food & exercise to what people drink! What all these good folks have in common? an open mind, a strong desire to be an intelligent & responsible member of our culture. Better said, a commitment to be so.

Most recently I was pondering over some events in my own life, making sense out of them, finding the pattern- distressing story — I decided that I would actively drown my sorrow in constructive action -and so here I am dialling away, – this delightful sounding AND French speaking woman answers the phone- we talk about her wine needs up soon somehow that shifts to what drew her to us and what does she do? Turns out my new friend Emma is a writer & researches the connection between happiness and success!!

Theories of success permeate our culture.

They are ingrained in us from the time we attend elementary school (“Don’t daydream!” “Focus!,” “Work harder!”). We believe we can’t have success without stress. Any surprise 50% of the US workforce is suffering from burn out?! But while these theories are widely popular, they are, in fact, flawed.

Research shows that it is when we are happier and when we take care of ourselves that we are most productive, charismatic, innovative, creative and perform at our best.

There is so much to the French traditional view of joie de vivre. When you are happier, everything goes better – your health, your well-being your relationships and, yes, even your work. (Don’t believe me? Check out The Happiness Track: How to Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate Your Success by Stanford University’s Emma Seppala).

I’ll drink to that! And hope you join me too.

Happy Holidays & New Year to All!


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