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Dear friends,

Have you been wondering where our Easter egg tradition came from? I went looking to refresh my memory so permit me to refresh yours briefly.

For eons the egg has been a self-evident symbol of life and rebirth. In the Christian culture, painting them red at Easter time was meant to remind us of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. The egg itself represented the empty tomb in which Jesus’ body was laid to rest and later cracked open to bring about the resurrection, otherwise known as spring time.

Remarkable men like Mircea Eliade in the early 1900’s notably catalogued these great stories and traditions that lit up our human spirit regardless of our religious background or lack thereof. Closer to present time philosophers like Joseph Campbell or Huston Smith wrote prolifically on that same subject. Dr Carl Jung famously interpreted these universal myths and archetypes as the outward expression of a very deep part of our being. It was Jung who coined the term ‘collective unconscious’ to describe that experience of a common heritage, beyond all languages and cultures.

And so here we are again re-enacting a cycle, celebrating death and resurrection once more.

Do you not think that we are all ready for a little resurrecting and a little spring time after a long and arduous winter? I certainly do.

Where I come from, Easter week was a moment of great importance, when family members came and gathered from near and far. May such traditions and gathering continue to enrich your hearts.

We wish you the very best to you and to your family.

With love.

Véronique & her staff,
(415) 256-8888


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