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Women of Courage

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Dear friends:

I would agree with you these pictures are not exactly ‘Xmass-y’ but then again nothing is exactly the way it used to be any more is it, ever since the invention of smart phones and Tweeter, magic tools which presumably permit us to stay ever so meaningfully connected with one another. Do they?

In any case, call it premonitory but I actually came up with this little montage, months and months ago, way before Womanhood was to become a topic of enormous relevance in this US environment of ours. But since politics are way above my pay grade, I will leave it at that, much to your relief I am sure.

However, I am a woman and a French one at that, so what is not above my pay grade is the celebration of life in general and of women in particular, light/life-bearers that we are. There are thousands and thousands of women whose extraordinary courage rekindles mine each and every day so it was not easy to select three out of this tribe. I ended up picking these three for various reasons. They are from different culture, religion and century, but in my view, they all admirable and worth learning from at this time.

I believe that the forthcoming “Holy-days”, i.e. Xmas and the New Year are precisely that, unique moments for all of us to take advantage of, to pause, put our phones down, and be with the person sitting across from us in the same room, listening to them, not compulsively trying to decipher sounds coming thru some plastic device from the other side of the world. Sounds delightful to me!

Some of your favorite foods and a nice glass of wine might just be the ticket for such warm interactions, to be reminded of what really matters in life.

Check out our store to find just the right fit for you and do not hesitate to call me if you want a little help.

A bientôt,




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