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Happy 4th of July!

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Dear Friends,

In a couple of weeks we will celebrate Independence Day .

In keeping with the tradition started in 1776, we will lit fireworks to boost our morale for the journey onwards. As I was reading about this tradition, I was reminded of Dr Erich Fromm whose writings so impacted me   when I was a young woman.

In his famous book “Fear of Freedom” , he raised many challenging questions . I recall in particular his noting how much we yearn for freedom and submission both. I remember his pointing out the difference between freedom from and freedom to.

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Fromm argued that freedom from was relatively easy to achieve (!?) while freedom to i.e. inner freedom, now that was another matter altogether. I agree with him whole heartedly, inner freedom is a life time journey, one which deserves yearly fireworks.

To accompany the fireworks, nothing better than wines made with organic grapes by one of the pioneers of Vin Biologique. Our friend Jacques Frelin freed his French grapes from pesticides 1/2 a century ago, long before it was the cool things to do.

His wines are very easy to drink and will match your picnics and barbecues delightfully. We hope you will try them out and, as usual call me if you have any questions!

I am already raising my glass to our Independence.

All best ,
Veronique & her staff,
(415) 456-8888



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