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15th of August in Lourdes

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Dear Friends,

Regardless of your religious beliefs or absence thereof, I submit to you that to pause for a moment and to honor the Feminine Principle is a healthy practice.

As many of you already know, this is really what happens once a year in Europe especially in France, Spain and Italy. Le 15 Août is a very big deal indeed; families gather together and everything stops. People may not consciously remember or care about the true meaning of the day but they still stop.

On that day we are supposed to celebrate the passing of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her being directly elevated into Heaven. It is safe to say that for Catholics, this is “the” principal Feast of the year when it comes to remembering the Mother of Jesus.

The Holy Mother is an archetype present in all cultures under different names and guises (or disguises). What is important to remember is what the Blessed Mother stands qualities such as Truth, Purity, Tenderness. I am sure you will agree that regardless of our cultural background, these are ideals worth practicing perhaps even more so today than ever before when brutality has been normalized in so many ways

We picked one of the most famous and most celebrated site, La Cathédrale de Lourdes, — a few hours away from my home town, we used to go on a yearly pilgrimage when I was a child.
We hope you will like this picture and the Beauty it bespeaks.
All best to you all,

Véronique & her staff,
(415) 256-8888



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