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Celebrate Thanksgiving with organic, vegan and sulfite-free wines!

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This year perhaps more than ever before we might want to pause, reflect and hug those we love when we meet and celebrate Thanksgiving with them. 

Recent events of all types make it abundantly clear just how vulnerable we all are and I mean ALL of us, bar none.

In watching parts of California go up in smoke, North and South of me, I note that even celebrities were evacuated and come home to nothing left. As if we did not know this already, clearly no amount of money, fame or power can save us from some of the happenings that have unfolded under our eyes in recent weeks.

Conclusion?  Mine is to try and align with my true self, live my destiny, not someone else’s and answer my unique calling. That is a good start because then, just as Shakespeare says:” It follows like the night the day…”

Happy Thanksgiving week end to each and all of you!
I hope you will make our special wines a part of your celebration.



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