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Today is Earth Day and it might be wise for us to pause and ask ourselves what we can do to protect and defend the health of the one family member we all have in common, our Earth. That I believe is one of our duties and sacred tasks as citizens of this world most especially perhaps at this time. One of the many ways to do this is by eating and drinking certified organic food but I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

For instance if I were Bill Gates, I’d find a way to buy the Brazilian forest and protect the heck out of it. The reason is that it takes a couple of minutes to kill someone by depriving him of oxygen while we can survive a few days without water and weeks without food. So in my view our supply of air should be our absolute priority immediately followed by water and food. As we like to say in French, “the rest is literature”…

There are innumerable ways for us to be responsible caretakers of our earth and all its inhabitants. A few decades ago my cultural heritage and my destiny put Organic Viticulture right on my path. Back then people were beginning to eat organic but it was still very fringe-ish and what is for sure is that they were not drinking organic.

I decided that I would do my best to put organically grown wines on the public’s radar. As it turns out it was a great, innovative idea, the message and the mission were simple, the implementation not so much.

But here we are today on yet another Earth day, reminding you that our organically grown wines permit you to follow yet another French dictate i.e. “joindre l’utile a l’agreable”. This stands in sharp contrast with the “no pain no gain “mantra. It suggests that whenever possible we combine that which is good and useful to that which is pleasurable, i.e. we get the best of both worlds.

When you choose to order any of our certified organically grown wines, please remember that you are actively contributing to our entire life chain, the earth, our water systems, our wild life, our bees, our farmers and ourselves … We select our suppliers and our wines very carefully, in the hope that they will bring pleasure to your palate, your table and your family gatherings.

With much gratitude for your support of our industry and mission over so many years .  



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