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Easter, – time to reflect, let go and resurrect

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No wonder  this painting has captured all of us over the centuries, regardless of religion, gender or culture. It so cleanly depicts a condition that  we are all familiar with and perhaps especially more so at this time in our history.

Among the multiplicity of meanings that we can  project upon this painting, one thing we see for certain: a person managing to stay centered in the middle of strife, battles among people he loves dearly but are at that moment divided.

They battle among one another for various reasons but note how they all look towards the center of the table, from where bread and wine were just shared among them with great reverence for Life.

This is at least how I choose to interpret and be inspired by this painting. It reminds me that togetherness amidst apparent division is possible and that  such togetherness starts at home. 

We wish you a great season, spending time with the people who counts for you.
We hope that our wines will accompany these gatherings and that the spirit in which they were made will be again and again apparent to you.



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