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Celebrate Thanksgiving with organic, vegan and sulfite-free wines!

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News update from California: my apologies for the delay in wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. I will have to admit that the fires and accompanying power outages knocked the wind right out of me for a while there.

It is one thing to go on a spiritual retreat or on a vacation, leaving behind phones, computers and other worldly comforts by choice. It is quite another to have all your points of references taken away from you without warning.

That is when the rubber hits the road for many of us this last month. And remember, we were the lucky ones so I am not complaining. I am merely reporting, intent on turning each and every event into a learning experience.

I hope that all these unexpected world events will help us tap into the spirit of the Season so it be a benevolent and joyful one amidst loved friends and relatives.

Happy Thanksgiving week end to each and all of you! I hope you are including our special wines in your celebration.



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