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Certification process and certifying agencies

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Certification process and certifying agencies

What should I look for when buying an organic wine?

There are two main things to look for. The first is to scan for the words “Made with organically grown grapes.” The second is to look for the seal of a certifying agency.

“Made with organically grown grapes” is likely to be written in different ways. We have wines that are labeled:

Made from grapes grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Only natural plant and mineral substances are used to nourish and protect the vines.
Our guarantee: Our vineyards receive not pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, allowing for the full expression of the natural character of our grapes.
Wine made with organically grown grapes.
This wine is made from vineyards farmed without chemical treatments or fertilizers.
You will see other variations on this theme depending upon the vineyard.

As for the second, there are several different organic certifying agencies. Among the largest and best known are the USDA and ECOCERT. ECOCERT was founded in France, and has grown to be one of the largest organic certifying agencies in the world; conducting inspection in over 80 countries.

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